Baby Hypo Snapping Turtle for sale

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  • Chelydra serpentina
  • Captive Bred 
  • Approximately 1.5 – 2 Inches In Shell Length
  • These Will Develop Gorgeous Cream Or Pink Colored Skin As They Grow
  • Feeding On Turtle Pellets, Fish, Crickets And Dried Shrimp


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  • Species of turtles & tortoises vary greatly as to the adult size they achieve as well as their diet – Please research or ask us before purchasing.
  • Turtles & tortoises vary in their ability to be easily kept – We’ll be happy to help you choose an appropriate species.
  • Many of our turtles & tortoises require a relatively simple setup but some have more complex needs – we can help you with a correct setup.
  • Picture and video shown are a representation of this animal. As these are live animals, there will be aesthetic variations.
  • The Common Snapping Turtle Occurs From Southern Canada, Southwards Through The Eastern Two Thirds Of The United States
  • Adults Are Able To Reach Up To 18 Inches In Length
  • With Proper Care These Reptiles Can Live 30 – 40+ Years In Captivity
  • The Ridges On Its Back Will Become More Pronounced With Age Giving Them A Prehistoric Look
  • This Species Prefers More Shallow Slow-moving Waterways And Is An Ambush Predato

Baby snapping turtles are definitely one of the most exotic pets out there, and their appearance only proves this point. more they may look scary at first, they are actually very exciting animals to watch, especially in the tank. You can keep these turtles in an aqua-terrarium.

In general, however, an aquatic turtle can potentially go between one week and a few months without water. It won’t be very comfortable, but it is possible for it to survive.

The largest specimens — with carapace lengths reaching or exceeding 18 inches — are likely 70 to 100 years of age. Because of the shorter growing season they experience in the wild, snapping turtles from northern latitudes tend to grow less in each year than their southern counterparts do.

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Baby Hypo Snapping Turtle for sale

Baby Hypo Snapping Turtle for sale

$149.99$174.99 (-14%)

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