Redfoot Tortoise

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These Field Collected Males Are Approximately  8 – 10 Inches In Shell Length. This Is Great Pet, Perfect For Any First Time Owner Or Experienced Collector



Redfoot Tortoise for sale (Chelonoidis carbonarius) is a species of tortoise from northern South America. They (Redfoot Tortoise for sale ) have dark-colored, loaf-shaped carapaces (back shell) with a lighter patch in the middle of each scute (scales on the shell), and dark limbs with brightly colored scales that range from pale yellow to dark red.

Their natural habitat ranges from savannah to forest edges around the Amazon Basin. They are omnivorous with a diet based on a wide assortment of plants, mostly fruit when available, but also including grasses, flowers, fungi, carrion, and invertebrates. They do not brumate, but may aestivate in hot, dry weather.

Eggs, hatchlings, and juvenile tortoises are food for many predators, but the main threats for adults are jaguars and humans. Population density ranges from locally common to very scarce due in part to habitat destruction and over-collection for food and the pet trade.

  • Chelonoidis carbonaria
  • Field Collected
  • Males Available
  • Approximately  8 – 10 Inches In Shell Length 
  • This Is Great Pet, Perfect For Any First Time Owner Or Experienced Collector
  • They Are Voracious Foragers Feeding On Mixed Vegetables And Calcium Dusted Greens
  • Originating In South America Ranging From Colombia To Venezuela, Guyana And Suriname
  • Adults Can Grow Up To 11-14 Inches In Length
  • With Proper Care These Tortoises Can Live Up To 50 Years In Captivity
  • These Tortoises Are Used To Tropical Climates So Make Sure To Provide Adequate Humidity And Plenty Of Heat And UVB Lighting
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Redfoot Tortoise

Redfoot Tortoise

$299.99$349.99 (-14%)

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