Baby Greek Tortoise

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Greek tortoises are going to primarily live off of plant food. Tortoises are herbivorous animals and shouldn’t be given animal products. However, giving Greek tortoises cuttlebone to gnaw on will help them get the calcium that they need in order to keep themselves healthy and strong. Giving almost any animal a variety of foods is a good idea, since different plants are going to vary in terms of the chemicals and nutrients that they contain. However, Greek tortoises only consume a fairly narrow range of foods, so that variety must be found within a relatively narrow category.



Baby Greek Tortoise , baby golden greek tortoise

  • Testudo graeca
  • Captive Bred
  • Too Young To Sex
  • Approximately 2 Inches In Shell Length
  • Fantastic Tortoises With Golden Colored Shells And Greek Mosaic Styled Black Patterns
  • Voracious Little Foragers Feeding On Fresh Veggies, Fruits
  • Indigenous To North Africa, Southwest Asia, And Southern Europe
  • With Proper Care And Handling These Tortoises Can Live 50 – 100+ Years In Captivity
  • Adults Are Growing To Sizes Of 6 – 8 Inches In Shell Length 
  • Coming From Its Natural Environment Of Rocky Hills, Mediterranean Scrub-land, Forests, Fields, And Meadows
  • We recommend Higher Humid And Warm Temperatures For These Tortoises With Hiding Spots, Water Dishes, With A 50/50 Mixture Of Loose And Bark Substrate 

Greek tortoises stay very small, eight to ten inches at most. Males will be smaller and have a longer tail. With proper care you can expect your tortoise to live fifty years or more. The cage for a greek tortoise should be big enough for it to move about freely.

Tortoises are not aggressive creatures. They don’t normally show aggression to humans, animals or other tortoises. Like other animals, tortoises can be territorial and moody but with the right care, the potential for aggression can be significantly reduced.

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Baby Greek Tortoise

Baby Greek Tortoise

$174.99$194.99 (-10%)

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