Baby Desert Ornate Box Turtle

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  • Terrapene ornata luteola
  • Captive Bred 
  • Approximately 5 – 6 inches In Shell Length
  • Also Known As The Sonoran Box Turtle
  • Great Pets And Very Friendly
  • This Turtle Has Bright Striping On The Shell And A Well Decorated Head And Legs
  • Feeding On Turtle Diet, Crickets And Vitamin Dusted Fresh Vegetables

 Box Turtle for sale (Terrapene ornata ornata) is one of only two terrestrial species of turtles native to the Great Plains of the United States. It is one of the two different subspecies of Terrapene ornata.  It (Baby Desert Ornate Box Turtle for sale) is currently listed as threatened in Illinois and is of concern and protected in six Midwestern states. 

Baby Desert Ornate Box Turtle forsal

  • Native To The Western United States And Mexico 
  • Adults Will Grow To About 5 – 6 Inches
  • Very Easy To Care For And They Have Great Personalities
  • These Live On Land, Care Is Low Maintenance And Much Like A Tortoise
  • Feeding On Turtle Diet, Crickets And Vitamin Dusted Fresh Vegetables

Common Box Turtle Behavior and Temperament

Ornate box turtles are one of the most popular turtle species to keep as pets. Thus, they’re typically easy to find at breeders and rescue organizations. They have somewhat complex housing and dietary needs. Under the right conditions, they can live for several decades.

A box turtle grows very rapidly for the first four or five years of its life reaching sexual maturity in four years but full adult size only by age twenty.

If the eggs survive, they will hatch in late summer to early fall (about 2 months after being laid). If they hatch in the fall, the young turtles may spend the winter in the nest and come out the following spring. As soon as the young turtles hatch, they are on their own and receive no care from the adults.

Box turtles need constant access to water for drinking, wading, and soaking. Your turtle should have a water-‐filled dish or pan large enough for it to soak in but shallow enough for it to easily climb in and out of. The depth of the water should be one quarter to one third of your turtle’s shell height.


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Baby Desert Ornate Box Turtle for sale

Baby Desert Ornate Box Turtle

$200.90$253.99 (-21%)

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