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Acrantophis dumerili, commonly known as Dumeril’s boa, is a non-venomous boa species found on Madagascar.

Species: A. dumerili
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Boidae
Order: Squamata
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Acrantophis
The Dumeril’s Boa is a large, heavy bodied, ground snake found exclusively on the island of Madagascar. They are typically 4-6 feet long, but can reach up to 7 feet, and can weigh up to 20 lbs. Their mottled brown, tan, and black bodies help them to camouflage with fallen leaves on the ground.
Dumeril’s Boa Size and Life Span

Dumeril’s boas are slow-growing snakes that take 3 to 5 years to fully mature. Dumeril’s boas have been known to live for more than 20 years.

Feeding: Dumerils Boas in captivity primarily eat mice and rats that are about as thick as the widest part of their body. Babies are large enough to eat hopper mice and pinky rats. One appropriately sized prey item per week is ideal for babies.


Buy Dumerils Boa
Boa dumerili

We have some gorgeous Dumerils boas for sale at the lowest possible prices. These Madagascan reptiles attain a total length of approximately six feet and are considered some of the most docile boas in the world. Their patterns are incredible, and they make excellent pet snakes. When you Buy Dumeril Boa from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

A 6′ x 2′ is a good basic size, though, many people have gone larger and have gotten quite creative

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Start babies in an enclosure as small as 10 gallons. At around a year old, you can increase the size of the enclosure. There are several kinds that work well, e.g. glass aquariums and any of the commercially available plastic-type reptile cages. For yearlings, step up to an enclosure that is at least 30″ x 12″ inches (like Zilla critter cage 20 Long) or go bigger like a 36″ x 12″ (Exo Terra Large, or Zilla 40 gal). A shy boa baby will feel more secure if there is a hide for them on the cool side and the warm side of the enclosure (more about that in the heating section). Buy dumeril boa, For an adult,  you will want a custom enclosure or one of the large 5+ foot molded

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Buy Dumeril Boa

Buy Dumeril Boa

$350.00$450.00 (-22%)

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