Baby Emerald Tree Boa

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These Field Collected Boas Are Approximately 3 – 6 Feet In Length. Bright Emerald Green Boas Make For Excellent Display Animals.



Corallus caninus, commonly called the Baby Emerald Tree Boa for sale, is a non-venomous boa species found in the rainforests of South America. Since 2009 the species Corallus batesii (Baby Emerald Tree Boa for sale) has been distinguished from C. caninus

  • Corallus caninus
  • Field Collected
  • Males And Females In Stock
  • Approximate Sizes Ranging From 3 – 6 Feet In Length
  • These Bright Emerald Green Boas Make For Excellent Display Animals
  • Known for Their Large Teeth, These Can Be Aggressive, So Look Out
  • Feeding On Live And Frozen/Thawed Adult Mice
  • Originating From South America They Range From Northern Brazil To Colombia
  • With Proper Care These Boas Can Live Up To 15-20 Years
  • Full Grown Adults Can Get As Long As 6 – 7 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • This Fantastic Snake Has The Largest Teeth Out Of Any Non-venomous Snake Species, That Is Prefect For Piercing Through Feathers

That means they do not build nests and lay eggs. They create eggs, but the eggs hatch inside of their bodies before birth. Female Emerald Tree Boas usually have clutches of around 5 to 12 babies. Baby snakes are called snakelets or hatchlings.

When approached properly, Emerald Tree Boas can be handled for short periods of time. However, in general, it’s best to enjoy them from afar. If they are startled or feel threatened, they can bite. If you must remove your snake, do so while it’s still coiled on its perch, and move the perch itself.

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Baby Emerald Tree Boa

Baby Emerald Tree Boa

$449.99$550.00 (-18%)

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