An Open Guide to Isopods Everyone Should Know About

Isopods for Sale – additionally called rolly pollies, tablet insects, sow insects, potato insects or wooden louse – are an essential addition to a terrarium ecosystem. Although many species of isopods are located everywhere in the world, this text makes a speciality of the care and subculture of tropical species.

Isopods are invertebrates which can be simply greater carefully associated with lobsters, shrimp, and crabs then they’re to insects. They are tiny, terrestrial crustaceans that breathe thru gills and like very excessive humidity environments. In their herbal surroundings, isopods are commonly located beneathneath rotting logs, rocks, or withinside the leaf muddle.

Isopods for Sale can and do play many key features in a terrarium ecosystem. Isopods are first-rate terrarium janitors. They assist spoil down animal waste, leaf muddle, and different plant debris. In the process, they make vitamins to be had in your flowers and assist to save you build-ups of natural cloth for your tank. In addition to assisting stability the tank ecosystem, isopods also can be an occasional supply of vitamins in your tank inhabitants. Although isopods ought to now no longer remember on as a staple weight-reduction plan item, many animals – consisting of geckos, frogs, and tarantulas – revel in isopods for a snack.

Types of Isopods: Although there are masses of isopod species withinside the world, there are best a handful utilized in terrariums. The terrarium isopods that we provide on the market in shape into categories: dwarf isopods and the bigger general isopods.

Dwarf isopods – because the call implies – are very small. They attain approximately ¼” in duration as an adult, or approximately the dimensions of a grain of rice. We provide 3 varieties of dwarf isopods: Dwarf White, Dwarf Gray, and Dwarf Purple. All 3 are very comparable in length, with little to no distinction seen to the bare eye. Each hyperlink above takes you to their man or woman pages for greater details.

The large, general isopods generally attain ½-¾” as adults. This length is greater common of what you will see for your backyard while you pass an vintage piece of wooden or rocks from the ground. Our general isopod series consists of Giant Orange, Dalmation, Zebra, Brickwork, Giant Canyon, and Powder Blue isopods. Each of those has its blessings and specific characteristics. Please click on at the man or woman names above for greater information about every kind.

Caring for Isopods (In a subculture): Isopods are especially clean to care for, and ought to best want interest as soon as per week or so. To take desirable care of isopods, they want a well maintained surroundings, and to be fed as necessary. When cultured, this ought to encompass retaining them in a darkish place (a closet works well), and at or barely above room temperature.

To start with, a right surroundings wishes to be maintained for the isopods to flourish. This is especially clean to perform as soon as a subculture is installation (mentioned below). Each time the isopods are fed, the humidity and substrate moisture ought to be checked. Many human beings pick out to gently mist their isopod box on every occasion they feed them, with the intention to assist hold the humidity. Isopods respect a excessive humidity surroundings, just like that of a terrarium. Additionally, there ought to continually be a layer of leaf muddle on pinnacle of the subculture with the intention to offer cowl in addition to a meals supply for the isopods. Leaves and new portions of cork bark ought to be brought as you look at the prevailing ones being eaten. Depending at the species, a few undergo leaf muddle and cork plenty faster than others.

The different key to retaining isopods is a right weight-reduction plan. Many isopod keepers agree that variety in weight-reduction plan is a key to a satisfied and healthful subculture of isopods. It is our enjoy that they love many clean end result and veggies with a desire for zucchini and pumpkin. Also, Repashy Bug Burger and Repashy Morning Wood appear to be favorites as a long way as organized ingredients move. Both of those are very clean to put together with the aid of using following the instructions at the jars. Finally, a great supply of calcium appears to be a key as well. This may be performed thru retaining a numerous weight-reduction plan, however additionally thru the usage of a cuttlebone which you may discover withinside the fowl segment of any puppy retailer.

Culturing Isopods for Sale : Setting up a right culturing surroundings for isopods is especially easy with the Glass Box Tropicals Isopods Breeding Kit. It offers you with all the requirements to get started.

To installation your subculture you may want:

Glass Box Tropicals Isopod Substrate

6.25qt Sterilite Container

Cork Bark Pieces

Willow Oak Leaf Litter

Repashy Bug Burger

RO or Spring Water

Starter subculture of Isopods

To installation your subculture it’s far just a few steps:

Gather all the above supplies

Open the 6.25 qt box

Mix all the contents of the gallon bag of Glass Box Tropicals Isopod Substrate collectively in a big box or bucket – very well blending all the substrate components could be very essential

Put approximately 1/2 of of the combined substrate returned withinside the bag for destiny use

Mix RO water with the substrate withinside the bucket till it’s far very well moist, however now no longer wet

Place the moistened substrate into the 6.25qt box filling it approximately 1/2 of manner

Place the Isopods into the subculture

Cover the pinnacle of the subculture with some layers of Willow Oak Leaf Litter

Place some small Pieces Of Cork Bark on pinnacle of the leaf muddle

Mix the Repashy Bug Burger following the instructions and vicinity a 1/2 of inch dice into the subculture

Cover the subculture and vicinity in a closet or different darkish place that remains at room temperature

Check the subculture weekly and feed and mist as needed – complete care instructions are above

Harvesting Isopods: Isopods are very clean to reap, despite the fact that a few will attempt to break out while they’re uncovered to light (so that you ought to attempt to be short approximately it!). Typically, the very best manner to reap them is to vicinity a slice of a uncooked vegetable, like zucchini or potato, into their subculture. Allow it to take a seat down of their subculture overnight. The subsequent morning, take the subculture to the tank you need to vicinity the isopods in, or subsequent to the box you need to position them in. Quickly open the subculture, pull out the slice of vegetable, and shake the isopods off into the tank or new box.

Another option: as soon as a subculture has a excessive sufficient populace you will be capable of effortlessly scoop them out with a spoon. With a number of the bigger species, you will be capable of simply snatch them one with the aid of using one. Once harvested, make certain you get them to a moist surroundings. If they’re now no longer stored continuously moist, they may desicate.

Other Tips and Tricks:

When the usage of pumpkin or different squash as meals, the seeds may also germinate. If they do, we extraordinarily propose speedy getting rid of any seedlings earlier than they are able to get a root gadget set up for your subculture.

If you spot mildew for your subculture, you may both pull it out with the aid of using hand, or growth the air flow with the aid of using poking small holes withinside the cowl of the subculture. A small quantity of mildew will not do any harm the isopods, however big quantities can gradual down or absolutely kill off the subculture.

If you open your subculture and do now no longer right now see any isopods, they will all be hiding withinside the soil. To take a look at if there are residing isopods, vicinity a chunk of meals of their subculture after which wait a day. When you move returned to test the meals, you can or might not see isopods, however you ought to see marks at the meals in which they had been ingesting it.

You do now no longer need to allow your subculture get overcrowded as isopods had been regarded to cannibalize one any other. If you observed your colony is getting overpopulated, you may harvest a few to apply in a terrarium, or installation any other subculture. You may switch your modern-day subculture into a bigger box to permit greater room.

Isopods had been determined ingesting flowers from time to time. The large species appear to be greater susceptible to do this, aleven though a few human beings have suggested seeing the dwarfs do it as well. Typically they appear to head for greater succulent kind flowers like Jewel Orchids, aleven though they will move for any plant in the event that they need to. — In our enjoy, that is generally best an problem while there’s a big populace and that they begin to compete an excessive amount of for meals. If this does happen, you may attempt to dispose of a number of the isopods with the aid of using hand, or you may vicinity slices of uncooked veggies for your tank to try and bait them after which dispose of them from the tank.

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