• Oaxacana Spiny tail iguana

    • Ctenosaura Oaxacana
    • Captive Bred
    • Approximately 14 – 16 Inches In Length
    • Males & Females Available
    • Well Established, These Are Adults Ready To Breed
    • Intelligent Species That Tames Down Well 
    • Feeding On Dark Leafy Greens, Dandelions, Crickets and Roaches 
  • Baby Albino Iguana

    • Iguana iguana
    • Captive Bred Babies
    • Approximately 13 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
    • These Lemonade Yellow Lizards Exhibit Amazing Bright Yellow Coloration With Rich Lemon Lime Green Hues To Their Underbellies
    • This Is An Herbivorous Reptile That Is Voraciously Eating Vegetables Such As Romaine Lettuce, Kale, And Carrots

    Baby Albino Iguana

  • Sambava Panther Chameleon

    Sambava Panther Chameleons for sale

    Sambava Panther Chameleons are a very popular panther chameleon.  Sambava is a small island off the coast of Madagascar home of these beautiful Sambava panther chameleons.   The Sambava Panther Chameleon is the third most common sub species of panther chameleon partly because it has some outstanding colors including some beautiful blues, turquoise, purples and greens. The panther Chameleon is easily the most gorgeous colored and easiest to handle of all species of pet chameleon for sale.

    Sambava Panther Chameleons are fairly docile and males are known for being even “friendly”.  It is not uncommon for male panther chameleons to venture to your arm when you come to their habitat to feed them.

    It is a common misconception that panther chameleons of any kind can change color to match any color of their environments. All chameleons have a natural color range with which they are born, and is dictated by their species. It is affected by temperature, mood, and light. If, for example, the color purple is not within the range of colors to which their particular species can change, then they will never turn purple. Panther chameleons are at the top of the list when it comes to care requirements. An Sambava Panther chameleon for sale will make a great first time chameleon keeping experience. Sambava Panther chameleons do not have extreme care needs like others in the chameleon world. They can adapt to changes in temp and humidity much better then most other chameleons can. For this reason Panther chameleons for sale should not be over looked just because of their higher price, they are by far and away the crown jewel of all Chameleons for sale. A captive bred Panther Chameleon for sale will be much hardier then any WC chameleon out there.

    With a Biologist ON SITE, all of our Sambava panther chameleons for sale online come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  Our Sambava Panther Chameleons for sale are ready to ship to your door via UPS in heated or cooled containers and will arrive the morning after shipment.  Typically they leave here around 5pm and are on your doorstep the next morning between 9 and noon.

    Our biologist is responsible for the care and sexing of all the animals here at CBReptile. He separates all of our chameleons by age, not size, as each grows at its own rate. Hatchlings are 1-3 months old, juveniles are 3.5-6.5 months old, and young adults are 7+ months old. The sex guarantee is written out in our terms and conditions. All photos are examples of the locale and not the exact animal you’ll be receiving.

  • Baby Panther Chameleon

    As a Baby Panther Chameleon for sale breeder with a Biologist on site, we are proud of the wide selection of different baby panther chameleon for sale locales that we work with.  We offer everything from ambilobe, ambanja, Nosy Be, Nosy Mitsio, Tamatave, Ankary, Sambava and even work with some really awesome designer hybrid baby panther chameleons which have up to 8 different locales worth of genetic make-up in their DNA These Cute Florida Field Collected Babies Are Approximately 2 – 3 Inches In Length From Head To Tail. This Is One Of The Most Popular Species Of Chameleons Due To Their Extreme Coloration As Adults.

    Baby Panther Chameleon

  • Petter’s Chameleon

    • Furcifer petteri
    • Field Collected
    • Approximately 3.5-4 Inches In Length
    • Very Vibrant And Trippy Color Changes
    • Males And Females Available
    • Light Forrest Green Coloration
    • Cool Horn-like Facial Features And Pink Blotches On Head

    Petter’s Chameleon

  • Parson’s Chameleon

    • Calumma parsonii
    • Field Collected
    • Males Available
    • Approximately 14-15 Inches In Length
    • Masters Of Duisguise, Will Change Color To Blend Into Its Surroundings To Hide From Predators And Surprise Prey
    • Precision Hunters Feeding On Large Calcium Dusted Insects Regularly

    Parson’s Chameleon

  • O’Shaughnessy’s chameleon

    • Calumma oshaughnessyi
    • Field Collected
    • Originating Out Of The Island Of Madagascar
    • Approximately 13-14 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
    • Amazing Chameleons Being More Active In The Morning And Evening Hours Hunting For Food And Finding Mates
    • Living In Humid Forests Filled With Dense Foliage High In The Trees, We Recommend Lots Of Branches For Climbing And Foliage For Security And Cover
    • Kings Of Camoflauge Being Able To Change Color With Temperature, Environment, And Mating
    • Able To Capture Its Prey From A Distance By Shooting Its Tongue Like A Harpoon
    • Precision Hunters Feeding On Crickets Regularly
  • Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

    These Field Collected Males Are Approximately 8 – 13 Inches Length. 

  • Bermanja Panther Chameleon

    • Furcifer pardalis
    • Field Collected 
    • Approximate Sizes Ranging From 10 – 18 In Length
    • This Is One Of The Most Popular Species Of Chameleons Due To Their Extreme Coloration
    • Males Chameleons Display The Brighter Colors With Females Typically Being More Plain
    • These Are Precision Hunters, Shooting Out Their Tongue At Lightning Speeds To Catch Prey
  • Eastern Bearded Dragon Hybrid

    These Captive Bred Babies Are Approximately 7 – 9 Inches In Length From Head To Tail. Very Gentle Lizards, Easy To Handle, Great For Kids Or Beginners.

  • Baby Blue Bar Leatherback Hypo Bearded Dragon

    • Pogona vitticeps
    • Captive Bred
    • Approximately 6 – 8 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
    • Very Gentle Lizards, Easy To Handle, Great For Kids Or Beginners
    • Desert Dwellers That Require A Hot Basking Area And UVB Lighting
    • Feeding On Crickets, Super worms And Dark Leafy Greens
  • Baby Hypo Blue Bar Dunner Leatherback Bearded Dragon

    • Pogona vitticeps
    • Captive Bred
    • Approximately 6 – 8 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
    • Very Gentle Lizards, Easy To Handle, Great For Kids Or Beginners
    • This Designer Morph Will Keep Its Bright Color And Pattern Through Adulthood 
    • Feeding On Crickets, Super worms And Dark Leafy Greens

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